Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Tobacco Stick Maryland now Madison - Harriet Tubman's Eastern Shore of Maryland

Tobacco Stick Maryland now Madison
Teenaged Harriet was hired out to John T. Stewart, who owned farms, businesses here, and a shipyard here in Tobacco Stick Maryland now Madison, Md. Her father, Ben Ross, also worked for Stewart after he was freed in 1840.  It was near here that Harriet met and married freeman John Tubman in 1844.In December 1854 Harriet Tubman sent a coded letter to Jacob Jackson, a free black farmer who lived west of Madison.   The postmaster read the letter and confronted Jackson, and he denied understanding what it meant. Soon, however, Jackson notified Tubman’s three brothers of her plans to lead them north from their parent’s home at Poplar Neck in Caroline County.
A large community of enslaved african americans families lived and worked between Harrisville Whitemarsh Roads, creating an important social world for Harriet Tubman and her family.

Tobacco Stick Maryland now Madison - Harriet Tubman’s Eastern Shore of Maryland

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