Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Stewarts Canal 2 - Harriet Tubman's Eastern Shore of Maryland

Stewarts Canal 
Around 1850, John Stewart had his slaves, along with some free laborers, build a canal from the woods to his mill near the Bay to transport lumber there more quickly.  Free and enslaved African American People dug this canal by hand.  It was dug between 1810 and 1830.
Harriet Tubman worked here with her father Ben Ross and dug this canal. She Learned important skills that would later become useful during her trips back to the Eastern Shore and in South Carolina as a union spy and scout in the Combahee River Raid near Beaufort SC.
I got chased back to my car by horseflies, after this shot. Imagine how difficult it was to work in the Horse Fly snake and Snapping turtle infested marsh

Stewarts Canal 2 - Harriet Tubman’s Eastern Shore of Maryland

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